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Membership in Ayur~Vidya™ begins the journey toward achieving your ideal state of balance.  By knowing yourself, your Prakriti and Vikriti, you can begin to address specific imbalances and work on your health proactively. Ayur~Vidya™ Membership provides you with tools to become an active participant in your health, putting you on a path with great likelihood of success and helping you stay on that path for the long term.  Our members gain access to our special proprietary formulas, crafted by the some of the world’s foremost Ayurvedic experts. Members work with our coaches, gain access to a wealth of educational sessions and teachings by Vidya Atreya Smith, are invited into specialized discussion groups, all of which work together to create a highly engaging and motivating experience.  advance your other practices such that your overall life approach greatly enhances the benefits you reap from your herbs and the pace at which your body rejuvenates. Membership with Ayur~Vidya™ is designed to provide the safe community, intellectual stimulation, and opportunities for advancement that help to keep members fully engaged for the long term in their journey toward better health. Be well.

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