Our Story

When no other modern treatments worked for his condition, Atreya turned to Ayurvedic medicine. His inspiring story led to the creation of Ayur~Vidya™– the pathway to share his knowledge and passion of Ayurvedic medicine with as many people as possible.

Ayurveda gave Atreya the tools to manage a degenerating spine from hereditary scoliosis and the immense pain associated with that condition. He began by learning massage then gradually became an expert in the human body system with a specialization in herbal pharmacology. His personal pain and a curiosity to avoid invasive spine surgery sparked the journey to becoming a leader in the field of adapting diet and Western herbs to the Ayurvedic system. Read more about Atreya’s journey to Ayur~Vidya™.

What Inspired the Creation of Ayur-Vidya™?

“In the 30 years I have been teaching Ayurveda, the best teachers have been my patients. They have brought a large variety of problems due to the latest fad in health care. Many of the diets that become popular for short periods of time are quite damaging.

The main reason why I developed the concept of Ayur~Vidya™ was to help the general public self-treat in a safe and intelligent manner. We need to put more importance on prevention- using diet, lifestyle, and herbs to cure the problems that arrive, rather than treating symptoms without knowing a cause of illness. I created the “Find Your Dosha Exam” to give you a very good indication of what diet, lifestyle and herbs could work for your unique issues. Remember, honesty is key to receive your appropriate recommendations; take some time to reflect on the questions I ask of you on this exam.

When it comes to your health, knowledge is power. I hope you can use this information to optimize your health and thrive!”

-Atreya Smith