What is Ayurveda?

Translates to the ‘knowledge of life’ or ‘understanding of nature’.

Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old healing science of India. It is the oldest medical system continually practiced by Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist  countries throughout the world. The World Health Organization estimates that Ayurvedic Medicine treats almost one third of the world’s population! This ancient medicine has clearly proven the test of time.

Ayurvedic Medicine treats the individual rather than the disease by looking at the body’s function as opposed to its structure. It strives to bring the systems of the body into equilibrium so that the body, or metabolism, functions as a unit according to the needs of its environment.

What Is a Dosha?

Your Dosha in Ayurveda is made up of both your healthy fundamental nature and your potentially unhealthy developed state of imbalance.

Your healthy fundamental nature dosha is called your Prakriti.  If you have developed an unhealthy state of imbalance, that Dosha is called your Vikriti.  In western medicine, this is referred to as disease, disorder or pathology.

When determining your Vikriti Dosha, you must consider both your fundamental natural state as well as any developed unhealthy state you are currently experiencing. You may consider this current state your disease or disorder under western medical terminology.

Find My Dosha