Feeling Tired More Often Than Not??
Learn How to Eliminate Fatigue and Increase Performance

Ayurvedic Medicine Feeling Tired

The best way to increase your performance (mentally and physically!) and end chronic fatigue is to increase nutrient absorption.
Here are some general rules for everyone to start feeling better from chronic fatigue.

Begin to add the following to your daily diet

  • Fresh foods
  • Whole foods
  • Herbs according to your constitution taken with the main meals (take our dosha test to find which herbs are best for you!)

Start eliminating the following from your daily diet:

  • All stimulants like coffee, black tea, green tea, and all forms of alcohol
  • Eliminate all refined, processed foods from your diet
  • Stop ingesting white sugar in any form
  • Use only cold pressed oils, eliminate all refined oils and margarine
  • Stop eating fried foods
  • Eat little or no animal products until your energy picks up

As you eliminate chemicals and allow the absorption of more nutrients, you’re bound to feel different, but if you can manage to incorporate all these changes slowly, over a period of three weeks you will feel like a new person. The effort that you put into any major change will pay you dividends in less than a month – a very good investment!

Refined foods impair absorption by coating the intestinal walls. Refined oils have a similar effect and clog arteries and other channels in the body. Stimulants cause the endocrine system to react with a roller coaster effect of increasing and decreasing blood sugars and hormones in the blood – all which lead to adrenal and kidney fatigue (your fatigue). Refined sugar is both a stimulant and a refined food that clogs the channels and over stimulates endocrine function. Fried foods turn oil into free radicals that disturb the integrity of your normal cellular function. The chemical dyes and preservatives in refined processed food affect your moods, mental functions, and cellular integrity.

Removing these foods from your diet will deliver immediate results — increased energy, mental alertness and a subjective feeling of well being.

We all deserve to have more energy and joy in this life. Sometimes we have to put a little extra work into maximizing that!

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