An Ayurvedic Success Story

A woman came to me several months ago complaining of feeling bloated, heavy, and depressed. She worked in a high-pressure profession, and said she had gained eleven pounds during the last six stressful months. ‘Jenny’ had good reason to be concerned about her body because she owned and managed a company in the fashion industry and her appearance was part of her reputation. Several years ago, we had worked together on her diet and achieved good results. However, this last period of time had been especially demanding and stressful and she was feeling ‘out of sorts’; she was tired all the time and sleeping poorly. After reviewing her individual profile, I gave her nutritional advice and some natural herbal supplements to help her digestion.


Recently, she came back to my office for a follow-up visit, looking trim and relaxed. She was back to her normal weight and feeling good. It took Jenny nine weeks to lose those eleven pounds permanently, but she did it without dieting or taking pills. She was delighted.
How did she do it? What advice did I give her? I suggested simple changes in her lifestyle and diet to help her recover the balance she had lost in response to her recent environmental changes – high stress and heavy workload. In short, I followed the 5,000-year-old holistic medical system from India called Ayurveda.”

You will learn to make some simple but effective changes to your diet and daily routine. Regardless of your current state of health, you will feel and see a remarkable change in your body, your energy level, and your well-being – changes that will last a lifetime.

How was Jenny so successful? There are two reasons – most importantly she was motivated to change her health through natural means. This allowed her to follow the suggestions Atreya gave her. Secondly, she actually did what he suggested. Ayurveda is a system that requires your participation. If you don’t feel equipped to take control of your life and make some changes, then Ayurveda will be frustrating for you. Usually this program appeals to people precisely because it empowers you as a person.

For Jenny this meant making several small changes to her diet and daily routine to account for the increased stress at her job. She also took several herbs religiously. The combination of all of these factors – mental and physical – is what gave her success. Any one of the suggestions that Atreya made alone would not have done the trick, because Ayurveda focuses on all aspects of your life. The result is a completely integrated vision of health and living.

What kind of diet did Jenny follow? Well, Jenny has a classic Pitta profile, or constitution. For Jenny this meant she needed to avoid certain kinds of food that would aggravate both her metabolism and psychology. The dietary suggestions she had been following for her Pitta profile were no longer working, because the stresses in her environment had disturbed her Vata profile. Once she started following the diet, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations to calm her Vata profile, she was able to lose the weight again and feel back to her healthy self.

Do you wonder why I certain way of eating or supplements worked for you once, but isn’t giving you positive results now? Take our Dosha exam and find out how including the right herbs, changing your diet, implementing everyday practices will lead to back to balance!

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