An AV Morning – Drink Your Water

He who drinks eight prasrti (about 750 ml) of water at the time of sunrise, shall live for a hundred years and more free from diseases and old age. Hemorrhoids, dropsy, duodenal disease, fever, enlargement of the abdomen, old age, leprosy, disorders of fat tissue, suppression of urine, bleeding disease, pain of the ears, throat, head and pelvis, eye diseases, and other diseases produces by Vata, Pitta, Kaphaand Rakta–all will be cured by water consumed at the end of the night cultivated as a habit.


This is one of the most effective ways to control Vata and Kapha for the whole day. If Vata is hydrated first thing in the morning –before sunrise –it is at the end of its Prakopa stage and is immediately reduced. Vata types can go back to bed if needed, but they need to wake and drink the warm water before the sunrise to have a full therapeutic effect. Kapha types need hotter water and less quantity in order to liquefy the increased Kapha and help remove it before the Kapha Prakopa stage. Hence, the water should be drunk before sunrise; Kapha types cannot return to bed. This therapy is good for Pitta types to remove excess acidity and Ama. They should also do it before sunrise and then start their activities of the day.

Vata types should use warm water; Kapha types should use hot water; and Pitta people can use room temperature water. Note that water become toxic if it is held in a copper vessel for more than 10 to 12 hours. Vata can drink up to 1000 ml; Pitta can drink up to 500 ml; and Kapha should not drink more than 300 ml of water in the morning.

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