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Ayurvedic herbal medicine can change your body and life by helping you achieve an ideal state of physical balance.

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3 Easy Steps to Better Health

Step 1

Discover Your Dosha

Created by world renowned Ayurveda experts, the Ayur~Vidya™ Dosha Test provides clear findings as to your personal dosha. The three doshas in Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Your test will reveal the unique combination of doshas makes up your constitution.

Step 2 

Explore Your Dosha

Learning about your unique dosha combination offers great insight into how to improve your health and achieve balance. You can now begin your journey of learning, discovery and practical application of Ayurveda to improve your health, life and well-being.

Step 3

Begin To Rebalance

Like most of us, there are health issues that stop us from feeling better. Using our Guide to Dosha Imbalance and Disorder, we will help you find the initial herbs that will begin to restore your health and balance.  Your herbs are included in Ayur~Vidya™ membership.

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