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Ayurvedic herbal medicine can change your body and life by helping you achieve an ideal state of physical balance.

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3 Easy Steps to Better Health

Step 1

Discover Your Dosha

Created by world renowned Ayurveda experts, the Ayur~Vidya™ Dosha Test provides clear findings as to your personal dosha. The three doshas in Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Your test will reveal the unique combination of doshas makes up your constitution.

Step 2 

Explore Your Dosha

Learning about your unique dosha combination offers great insight into how to improve your health and achieve balance. You can now begin your journey of learning, discovery and practical application of Ayurveda to improve your health, life and well-being.

Step 3

Begin To Rebalance

Like most of us, there are health issues that stop us from feeling better. Using our Guide to Dosha Imbalance and Disorder, we will help you find the initial herbs that will begin to restore your health and balance.  Your herbs are included in Ayur~Vidya™ membership.

Find My Dosha

Welcome to Ayur~Vidya™ 

Ayur~Vidya™ Herbs

Over the course of 30 years practicing Ayurveda and training Ayurvedic practitioners, Founder of Ayur~Vidya, Atreya Smith has cultivated relationships around the world with distributors and growers of the finest organic herbs from most undisturbed natural environments available.

Modern medicine uses chemicals, often harmful to the body in other ways, and treats symptoms rather than the root cause of disorders.  Ayurveda uses wholesome herbs, beneficial to the body in many ways, that treat the core of the imbalance reaching real solution without creating new problems.

At Ayur~Vidya™, we do this work using the finest organic herbs sourced by world renowned leaders in the field, combined into formulas with the greatest knowledge and expertise derived from decades of intensive study with Ayurvedic masters.

No other company takes this work more seriously than Ayur~Vidya.™  We were pioneers bringing Ayurvedic practice to the West and today we are leading the way to ensure the practice maintains its integrity of purpose, that the herbs maintain their purity of source and life, and that our members continuously strive to engage themselves in the proactive practice of wellness through Ayur~Vidya.™

  • Certified Organic or Wildcrafted

  • Grown on Small Farms in the USA

  • Vegan and Free of Allergens

Herbs Sourced From the World’s Most Undisturbed Environments


Atreya Smith is the world’s most renowned authority in Ayurvedic medicine. Atreya applies his expertise and highest standards when sourcing herbs from the most undisturbed environments on earth to produce the most alive, nourishing and effective Ayurvedic health products on the market.

A Word From Our Founder

“It should be clearly understood that people using Ayurvedic nutrition are doing so because they want to take control over their life, health and empowerment.  Only you are capable of restoring your own health because it is you who is lifting your hand to your mouth and putting in the basic supply of health, your food, into your body.”

“Ayurveda insists on using a lifestyle and diet together. Once this is done, results are balanced and rapid.”

 ~Atreya Smith

Founder of Ayur~Vidya™

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