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The Ayur-Vidya Company brings Ayurvedic medicine to the many. Our founder, world renowned Vaidya Atreya Smith, designed our herbal formulas to address hundreds of health concerns and created customized formulas for each Dosha. Just take Atreya’s Dosha quiz, view your Dosha results, and then chose the herbal formula designed specifically for your body and your health concern.

3 Easy Steps to Better Health

Step 1

Take The Dosha Quiz

The Ayur~Vidya™ Dosha Quiz ask questions that will help identify the actual and ideal state of your health.

Step 2 

View Your Results

Discover your Dosha. The results of the Dosha quiz will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3

Shop Based on Your Dosha

Browse the Ayur~Vidya™ catalog to find herbs that address your health goals.

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